Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Dear Family & Friends,

It is 2011, another school year has started and there is a panic in the streets of rural communities in Africa. They hear rumbling echoes of young children, worried if they will ever get a chance to see the insides of school again. I feel their desperate young little hearts crying in the middle of the night, refusing to be comforted as they eat what may very well become their last meal for the week. I am haunted by visions of children who have become fatherless and motherless as diseases have robbed them of their parents. They are wondering if anyone cares ....they are wondering if anyone cares enough to give them the most important gifts of all, HOPE and a BRIGHT FUTURE.

The Girl That Will Not Be Forgotten

It reminds me of the young girl above who put her hands on my FACE and said “DON’T FORGET ME”. I will be returning to Africa on June 23, 2011.

Will you be the one to care enough to HELP? Will you be the one to provide a HOT MEAL for one? Will you take up the challenge to send one to SCHOOL? Will you be the one to provide a place where children can come together to learn? Can you help us make sure they are no longer missing in ACTION of Life? You can help by making a donation to my mission fund @ www.adassafoundation.org . AAF uses PayPal as our payment processor for these donations; you will be diverted to the PayPal Website to complete this process. Please note that Paypal takes 3% off the top of your donation. To avoid this, you may choose to mail your donation to: Made Payable to Adassa Foundation and mailed to Yolanda Shields @ 2856 Faith Lane Spring Hill, TN 37174. OR DONATE NOW BY VISITING www.adassafoundation.org or mailing your donation today! $500.00 - $100.00 - $50.00 - $25.00 - Other –I need to raise $3,000 PRAYING and waiting on your support!


1) Completion the 1st Community Library in Emure Ekiti Nigeria

2) Academic Scholarships to deserving students & School Lunch Program

3) Free Medical- Primary Care for Indigenes

4) Launching a Music Program for High School Students

Much Love,