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There is much to celebrate about growing older, like earned success and experienced perspective. It is very rare to see young people who can truly appreciate the beauty and contributions of the generations ahead of them. It is worth doing and it will bless you. Mingling with people of all ages helps add richness, wisdom and a broadened perspective to your life. I have learned that first hand by spending time with many elders especially Ms B. (Ms Burnece Walker Brunson). It was an honor for me to spend time with her celebrating her 98th birthday.  She has mentored many educators during her many years teaching and training teachers and administrators.  She is still so full of energy and was waiting to hug Roland and I as we entered her home. Each guest received a gold coin greeted with the statement “You are worth your weight in Gold” I will always cherish my time with her and look forward to helping her celebrate her 99th  BIRTHDAY!

MS. BRUNSON with her parents and sisters & brother - Back row (4th) LEFT

What wisdom she has to share with all of us from her 98 years on this earth.  From the days of her youth to now! WISDOM



Ms. Burnece Walker Brunson
“Before the well runs dry”

Watch the elders slow walking pace and it will tell you their journey. 

Look at an elder’s bent back and you can see the loads it has carried.

Read an elder’s hands-they will tell you the task they’ve completed. 

Listen to their songs and you will know 
The burdens they bare.

Watch their smiles
And you will know the extent of their memories.

Listen to their laughter

And you will always have a pleasant memory of the moment

See them nap in their rocking chair and you will know how tired they are.

Observe them saying their evening prayer You will know how contented they are As they retire for the night – In Peace
YES - Yolanda E. Shields

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