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When God calls we must answer even when we don’t know all of the steps. When God gives you a VISION he provides the PROVISION. Our response just has to be Yes, Send Me.


I have known for years that the work I do in my career and ministry (teaching, training and coaching) was global and would reach people from different parts of the world. When I think about it I get a little nervous and then I am reminded of what God has already done and that He’s the one that provides and opens doors.  He will continue to show me the next steps and provide the provision needed. The work that I do in Africa and Europe continues to amaze me. I am a female, daughter, mom, sister, and friend, from Nashville TN that took time to say yes to a call. No matter your background and experience God will do the same for you when you just say yes, and take the first step even when you don’t know the second one. There is only one way and no shortcuts.



We sometimes see a call come in and we ignore it or we let it go to voice mail so that we can respond later. Sometimes calls need to be answered immediately. What is God calling you to do? Two years ago during my visit to Nancy and Paris France God was showing me a bigger picture than what I could see in front of me at the time.   I know sometimes we only ask for what we feel God will do, but He is waiting for us to ask for the impossible.





 When it is bigger than us we are reminded that we will need Him in order to do it. During my trip in 2012 many in France were asking for me to bring a team back with me to do worship, and leadership training for the people in Nancy and Paris. Because of my background and contacts I started thinking about all of the, well-known artist that I knew who would be great. I prayed for months and didn’t feel a release to move forward and go back in 2013. 

I began to think it was just my idea. You know we can come up with some stuff that’s not bad, but may not be in God’s timing. So I continued to pray and God began to show me what to do next.



During my prayer time it was clear that I wouldn’t be bringing well-known artist, but young independent artist that would teach and train and also be launched into their next level of ministry.


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Sometimes when God is calling you to do something it’s not just about you, but about helping someone else walk in the call and destiny that God has for them. When you do that He shows you your next steps as well. God began to reveal whom he wanted to use on the trip. He showed me many people, so I began to invite them to informational meetings. Sometimes you don’t need to know all of the information, because sometimes God is trying to see if you will respond to the call. The call was made and those that God intended to join the team showed up. Some I could tell weren’t sure of the call and I knew God would speak clearly to them.  

Yes, there is a time and a season for all things and I know it wasn’t the time for some, but God knows what He has for all of us and He is faithful to do what He has already promised.




During the trip God did over and above anything that I would have known to ask or think. He showed me that worship is about humility, an open heart and passion. Even if you don’t have all of the equipment and sound that you need God is asking “Will you still worship me with a pure heart”? Sometimes it is not about our plans and agenda but Gods.  

Many are the plans in the mind of a man, but it is the purpose of the LORD that will stand. Proverbs 19:21.



Many people came to know Christ in a more intimate way, some came to know Him for the first time, others healed, delivered and launched into the next season that God had for them. I saw new faces on our team as they walked confidently in the purpose and destiny that God had for them. They not only served the people in Nancy and Paris France they also were restored, refreshed and pushed to their next level. Sometimes we allow people to put ceilings on our gifting, but God has no limits. A big thank to the entire team who lead worship and training sessions with excellence and to Joshua Jamison who provided great leadership to the worship team. It was a great time doing ministry together and enjoying the beautiful city of Nancy and Paris France.


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“God doesn’t call the qualified, He qualifies the called” Your job is not to know everything you just have to say YES! Send me.

God was faithful and helped many embrace new callings and visions as they opened the eyes of their hearts.   I am grateful, honored, humbled, and blessed to have been able to serve, the people in Nancy and Paris France. God is the best connector. He builds spiritual family like no one else.  I am excited and prayerful about where God will send me next and looking forward to visiting again with my new friends and family. ARE YOU READY TO SAY YES?




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