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Young Social Entrepreneur on the Rise


Young Social Entrepreneur on the Rise

Esther Nzuzi

Because you are wonderfully made

Social Entrepreneurship is about solving a problem, not just starting a company. While this isn't a new idea, today's young entrepreneurs have the advantage of being able to go global quickly because of the Internet. 

The new generation of entrepreneurs are, creating new products and services that will change the world.  They want to have a great profitable business, but they also want to make a big impact that will change the world. Esther Nzuzi uses women and girls in the DRC Congo to assist with the production of the products. One way EN assisted with this was the partnership with Luila Village Ministries to purchase sewing machines. 

Esther’s mission in life is to help youth develop an appreciation for themselves into a way that they may cultivate a creative mind, pure soul, and skilled hands. As a result, that each may flourish into the ability to inspire, train, and empower others. To achieve this goal, Esther created Esther Nzuzi.

Esther Nzuzi is a social enterprise aimed to inspire girls across the world to embrace their self-worth.

What type of products does Esther Nzuzi sell?
For the moment, Esther Nzuzi only sells african inspired bags. Esther Nzuzi is known for its convenient, comfortable, and colorful cross shoulder bags. They serve as a perfect gift; the bags can be used as anything from a dance bag to a casual hanging-out-with-friends bag. The lightweight bags are big enough to store anything from shoes to sweaters to books to makeup. Check out my purses here:

Esther Nzuzi works directly with Luila Village Ministries, a 501(c) non-profit that aims to empower women, educate children, and spread the gospel in Luila, Democratic Republic of Congo and surrounding villages. A percentage of all profits received from each sale at Esther Nzuzi will be given to Luila Village Ministries. You may stay updated with Luila Village Ministries by following them on facebook or by signing up for their newsletter.


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