Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Leadership Principles from Nehemiah for Entrepreneurs

Restoration for your Business or Idea

Evidence of this is seen in how Nehemiah reacted when he heard that the city walls had been torn down and that the gates had been burnt with fire. Nehemiah responded with mourning, fasting, and prayer (1:4). Even though the people living in Jerusalem had been allowed to return to their city and managed to rebuild a temple, they had now been there for 80 years and still had not rebuilt the walls around the city.  

Don’t get stuck with seeing your business or idea as too hard or challenging to achieve. Move forward even with the unknowns because that’s when you see progress

Prayer Strategy

Eleven different prayers are mentioned in the book of Nehemiah.  In these prayers Nehemiah shared his burden and responsibility with God, and God answered in the end. Therefore “these prayers are an encouragement to all readers to follow the example of Nehemiah, for prayer brings God’s power to bear on the difficult situations in life.

Start the year off with a prayer strategy.  We know when we have a plan or strategy that we are following we see things happen.  The prayer strategy and focus will do the same thing.

Communicate your vision as a solution to a problem that must be addressed immediately.

The idea of rebuilding the walls proposed by Nehemiah is a solution to a problem which the people have faced for the past 80 years since they first returned to Jerusalem from exile. Nehemiah shared a vision that was of God and was a solution to a problem.  

What problem or solution are you addressing with your business, ministry or group?  In order to determine what this may be you will need to write the vision down and identify why it is needed. 

Protect your organization’s core and culture with a thick wall built by people who not only want to save their own skin.

In the book of Nehemiah, the people were not trying to save their own skin. They were trying to rebuild their city and return to faithful worship of God.  

Build a core team that wants to see the business or ministry grow and impact others.  It is okay to want to be successful, but it is not good when it is at the level of hurting or stepping on other people to get there.  When the team works together everyone wins. That why TEAM = Together Everyone Achieves More

A leader need not do all the planning, yet he must assure that the planning gets done.

For years they knew that they needed to get the walls rebuilt around the city. Nehemiah arrived and displayed the extensiveness of effort that it took to rebuild the walls.  

When you empower your team they will get the work done. When you micro manage them they will not move forward with their creative innovative ideas because they are waiting on you.  Put the plan together and allow them to soar.  

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