Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Where Will We Find Tomorrow’s Leaders?

Yolanda Shields ~ Author Speaker Coach

Leadership development is taking on many different forms today.  In a global economy we have to be very flexible and able to utilize many different leadership styles.

In the article Harvard Business Review conversation with Linda Hill it shares that:

“Little things – taking the lead in a presentation, appearing to know more than you do – are still seen as markers of leadership potential, when in fact they may represent traits that are the opposite of what we need in a leader today”.

Sometimes it is about leading from behind not necessarily taking the lead and credit for the work that others have done.

To read the entire interview visit WHERE WILL WE FIND TOMORROW’S LEADERS?

I have learned over the years that when you prepare others to succeed they rise to the occasion.  

 Leadership Development is not just about you meeting your leadership goals and reaching the top, but it’s about the mission being accomplished in a collaborative way to get the best results for the company or organization. When this happens everyone succeeds.

The benefits of leading from behind from Nelson Mandela.